Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kashmir people receive credit bills instead of credit cards

Around three to four months back many people have applied for credit card with the biggest bank in Indian administered Kashmir. These people are still waiting for their credit cards but have started receiving bills.

Ajaz Iqbal Bhat of Chakka Bhaderwah applied for a credit card with a Jammu and Kashmir Bank branch in Bhaderwah. Bhat is one of the few people who are waiting for their credit cards, have received a credit statement of INR 26829 detailing the advance and shopping made from his card.

Rajinder Kumar of Paneja received a credit statement of 6000 INR while Arshad Wachkoo of Gatha received a statement of 17000 INR.

All of them had applied for credit cards three or four months back.

According to reports in Doda district more than 100 customers are waiting for their credit cards.

On receiving complaints from people bank has started an investigation into the lapse.

A spokesman of the bank told Kashmir Newz that the bank has summoned the courier company for investigation who was given the work of delivery of cards to the clients.

“We are investigating the cases and the courier service has been called to find out where the cards have been misused,” said Sajjad Bazaz a spokesman of the J&K Bank.

Bazaz did not give the name of the courier service but informed that the customers will not have to pay for the bills sent to them.

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