Friday, December 21, 2007

ABN AMBRO launched its Platinum credit card collection designed by Rohit Bal

ABN AMRO bank (India) launched its Platinum Credit card collection. It is India’s first designer credit card which has been designed by celebrate fashion designer Rohit Bal exclusively for ABN AMRO bank.

ABN AMRO Platinum Credit Card signifies the highest standards of exclusivity and luxury. The bank targeted affluent, sophisticated and discerning customer audience who are demanding aesthetically superior and feature rich products. The is backed by the promise of exceptional service and offers card members the unique benefit of customizing their package of financial and lifestyle benefits based on their individual tastes and preferences.

Speaking at the launch of Platinum Credit Card Ms. Meera H Sanyal, Corporate Executive Vice President & Country Executive of ABN AMRO in India said: "At ABN AMRO, our ability to innovate in response to changing paradigms and customer influences has been a key strength of the organization. The juxtaposition of the two worlds of finance and fantasy in creating a unique designer credit card proposition is yet another highlight in this journey. And breathing life into this proposition was the creative genius and inspiration of Rohit Bal and our continued partnership with Mastercard.”

Mr. Jim Brown, ABN AMRO’s Head of Consumer Customer Segment in Asia was also present at the at the launch of the card, in his speech he said: "Across the world, customers are seeking premium credit cards as a symbol of status and recognition. The positioning of the ABN AMRO Platinum Credit Cards in the luxury space with a comprehensive set of financial, lifestyle and self expressive benefits is an effort to lead and benchmark the category. We believe this is a very compelling proposition and will appeal to the sophisticated and discerning affluent customer in India."

“As the affluent consumer market in India continues to grow both from a size and purchasing power perspective, so do their lifestyle needs,” said Alan King, Regional Head, Global Accounts, MasterCard Worldwide. “We are committed to offering a mix of products and services that will allow our cardholders to decide what matters most to them. The launch of the ABN AMRO Platinum MasterCard credit card is testament to this and offers affluent consumers choice and customization. We look forward to working closely with ABN AMRO to continuously meet the evolving needs of affluent cardholders throughout India.”

While elaborating on his exclusive association with ABN AMRO, Rohit Bal, added: “A credit card is one of the most personal statements you can make as it carries your name and your signature. The designs I have created for ABN AMRO Platinum attempt to recreate the magic of the natural beauty of some of India’s most powerful and distinctive national symbols through quiet expressions in objects of desire that you can carry with you all the time.”

The ABN AMRO Platinum Card collection features three designs inspired by typical Indian symbols but are expressed visually in striking black and platinum colors to make distinctive statements of individuality. The designs feature the lotus (India’s national flower), the peacock (India’s national bird) and the jharokha (a tribute to Mughal architecture).

The ABN AMRO Platinum Credit Card is offering financial benefits and lifestyle privileges to its members are a result of ABN AMRO’s extensive association with this target audience and an intimate understanding of their requirements. As a result, membership to the ABN AMRO Platinum Credit Card automatically enrolls the card member to the ‘Platinum Gateway’ club – with privileges that complement and enhance their lifestyles at home and around the world. Card members will get the privilege to access to over 500 exclusive airport lounges across the world with a complimentary 2-year membership to Priority Pass, enjoy personalized attention with the 24x7 Concierge Service for assistance for referrals and reservations worldwide, comprehensive insurance cover upto Rs. 1 Crore, stay connected with a complimentary Matrix cellular connection and redeem a wide range of luxury products under the unique ABN AMRO Platinum temptations rewards program.

Furthermore, card members have an option to extend their ABN AMRO Platinum Credit Card membership to one or both of two other clubs that ABN AMRO offers; The Platinum Voyager Club and the Platinum Greens Club.

The Platinum Voyager Club – offering:

  • A complimentary international return air ticket to either Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok
  • The Taj Epicure Card offering discounts, benefits and privileges at all Taj hotels and restaurants worldwide
  • Option to convert reward points into air miles and redeem them against travel related expenses

The Platinum Greens Club – offering:

  • A choice of a Rossa Inza Putter or a Burner Recue – complimentary
  • Complimentary membership to the International Golf Fee card offering discounted access to over 2400 golf courses worldwide

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