Monday, December 24, 2007

Credit cardholder loses RS 81k

Devdas T. Chakravorty, who is employed as a storekeeper with a local construction firm, was stunned to know that he had exceeded his withdrawal limit.

When Devdas T. Chakravorty attempted to withdraw money from ATM his card got stuck. He reported the matter to ICICI Bank's credit card division, where he was told that he had exceeded his withdrawal limit by drawing Rs 81,339 in phases between September 26 and 29 for purchasing tickets of different airlines.

It was shocking for him to know that he has been left poorer by Rs 81,000 as his card was used by an unidentified person to purchase air tickets.

Chakravorty lodged a complaint with the cyber crime cell of the city police, which referred the matter to the Hadapsar police.

Assistant commissioner of police Sunil Phulari, who heads the cell, informed the TOI that the police is investigating the modus operandi that the culprit(s) resorted to.

"The modus operandi could be either by way of internet hacking of the personal identification number (PIN), which is critical to executing an ATM withdrawal process, or by way of accessing other key details related to the card," he said.

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