Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ESave prepaid card for eGroup customers with powered by PrePay technologies

UK-based eGroup, a direct insurance business announced the launch of the eSave prepaid card created, managed and operated by PrePay Technologies. The card has been acknowledged by Mastero and is designed for the eGroup customers who want independence and control over their spending. It is expected to facilitate eGroup customers to enjoy all the benefits of plastic payments with no risk of overdrawing. The eSave card has no link with bank account or a credit scoring process and is available to all.

The eSave card is powered by PrePay Technologies on its 360money platform; it allows users to securely load money onto the card at over 34,000 Post Office and PayPoint locations across the UK. The users of eSave card can make online purchases, in-store and over the phone at over 9 million locations worldwide that accept Maestro card. The card can also be loaded by using credit/debit cards online as well as bank/wage transfers.

Anthony Graham, marketing director at PrePay Technologies, said: "I am delighted that eGroup have chosen to partner with PrePay Technologies and become part of the ever growing 360money portfolio. Customers are always seeking greater peace of mind when they shop on line and want simple hassle free access to ATM's and retail outlets worldwide. eGroup customers will now be able to enjoy this through their prepaid card as well as the trust, security and stability available to all customers on the 360money network."

Simon Jones of eGroup said: "The new eSave card is an ideal product for students/young adults who want to budget their spending as well as an increasing number of overseas workers who find them ideal to use both in the UK and worldwide where Maestro cards are accepted. We are delighted to be partnering with PrePay Technologies to deliver this wonderful new product to our customers."

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