Friday, December 7, 2007

HSBC and Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos in a joint venture to launch its first credit card in Japan

HSBC is one to the world’s largest banking and financial services organization. It plans to launch its first credit card in Japan in collaboration with MasterCard and Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos.The new HSBC Premier Credit Card (international brand – MasterCard®) is the most premium type of card offered globally by HSBC group and will be available exclusively to HSBC Premier Customers for no annual fee following the planned commencement of the HSBC Premier wealth management service in January 2008.

The card will be issued and managed by corporation with Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd.

HSBC Premier Customers will get range of special privileges and personalized services to match their needs and lifestyles.

Main Features of the HSBC Premier Credit Card

• No Annual Fees & Free Supplementary Card for Family Members
HSBC Premier Credit Card is available to all HSBC Premier account holders and do not carry any annual fee. Free Supplementary cards for family members entitling them to the same benefits and services as the primary account holder.

• Rewards and Mileage Programme
The card have a reward and mileage programme. It offers Best-in-class rewards programme offering one point per 100 yen spent, or one percent of the total amount spent.

The reward programme points can be redeemed for:
.. Air miles
.. Charitable donations to Earthwatch Institute - Japan
.. Gift coupons for use at department stores, home centers and other retail stores
.. Cash

Additional programme partners will be announced in the near future.

• Home and Away Programme
Exclusive worldwide shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment discounts and privileges at around 9,000 merchant outlets in over 40 nations and territories. Card holders can choose from a wide range of exclusive deals and offers from world famous brands, luxury hotels and Michelin-star restaurants both in Japan and overseas.

• MasterCard Moments
HSBC Premier Credit Card cardholders qualify for participation in the MasterCard Moments service. This online service introduces the benefits and privileges being offered by MasterCard Moments partners both overseas and in Japan. When traveling overseas, cardholders can avail themselves of specially selected luxury hotel resorts, spas and golf courses. In Japan, cardholders can enjoy discounts of up to 20% at select Japanese-style luxury hotels known as “Shifuku-no-yado”, as well as “The Taste of Premium” luxury lifestyle programme offering reservation services and special discounts that apply to more than 300 participating luxury hotel resorts, spas, golf courses, cruise services and private jets.

It also offers access to over 25 airport lounges in Japan

• Insurance Coverage
The card provides insurance coverage for goods purchased with this card. The insurance is up to a value of 3 million yen in the event of damage.

The card is accepted at over 25 million locations worldwide, one of the largest global member store networks.

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