Thursday, December 20, 2007

Credit card designed by fashion designer

Don’t get surprised if you come to know that your credit card has been designed by a fashion designer who was designing suits and clothes for you. Now day’s banks are contacting designers to get cards designed.

Recently a bank contacted Rohit Bal a fashion designer to get their credit card designed by him. “The bank wanted to tie up with a designer. They got in touch with me and gave me the creative freedom to do whatever I want,” says Rohit.

Rohit explained, “I chose to incorporate prominent national symbols like the lotus, peacock and aspects of Mughal architecture. I chose the colour black and silver, as it’s a platinum card. Lotus symbolifies beauty and simplicity and the peacock stands for growth and thirst. The architecture gives it an old world charm,” explains Rohit.

So why does something that gets swiped across machines and has a wallet for home need a design element?

“Plastic has gained momentum in our country like never before. It’s stealing the show from hard cash. It’s convenient and comes in handy for impulsive shopping. I use them a lot, so if a designer can make a mundane looking thing like a credit card stunning why not?” answers Farhan Akhtar who looks stunning in a formal sherwani designed exclusively for the ABN AMRO Platinum card launch.

Chhaya Momaya says, “I am very image conscious. I like anything that’s classy and stylish. I use my credit cards to shop all the time. It also saves you the trouble from carrying cash around. The security levels have also been spruced up by the banks. The card has invoked positive responses from a lot of people who’ve seen it. I’ll definitely flaunt it.”

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