Monday, April 28, 2008

Top-ranking executive credit card misused

A top-ranking executive with a construction major, Sandip Bose has owned a Cititbank credit card for last two years and had not used his credit card since then yet on April 17 he received a message on his mobile a few days back to settle a due amount of Rs 65000 for transaction made on his credit card.

After reading the message Bose was left stun because he had not used his credit card for the last. He immediately lodged a complaint at both Jadavpur police station and the criminal investigation department office.

Bose also called up the credit card’s customer care centre and sought information about the transaction details.

The detailed statement provided by the bank showed all the transactions — mostly online — were made from March 21-27. In those seven days, Air Deccan tickets were purchased online and several imported items have also been purchased.

On seeing the details of purchase in the statement Bose understood that he had been duped so he called up the bank and asked them to stop all transactions made on the card. The bank followed the instructions and also started an internal probe to find out how the card was used.

Bose informed that he had not used the card in the last two years. Also, he had not given it to anyone. Even the there was no report of the card getting lost.

CID is doing investigation and is waiting for the transaction details from the bank. Police said several such cases have come into lime light.

"If one has access to personal details of cardholders, then he or she can get hold of both the card number and the CVV number. It could be possible that the card numbers were given by someone from the bank itself. The cyber crime section is dealing with the case," said a senior CID officer.

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