Thursday, November 22, 2007

Credit Bank Worldwide launched the new website for consumers

Credit Bank Worldwide launched the newest website ( to help consumers choose the card that is worry free because when it comes to choose the right card it becomes difficult as there are so many options available and with different features and benefits. The site is designed to help the consumers locate the credit product and service that match their individual current financial situation.

This site will be helpful for both current and prospective consumers in ways that effectively uses the credit system to achieve their goal.

The newly opened site has searched and compiled the best deals on credit card offers, auto loans, mortgage, and debt consolidation on the internet. With the continuous updating, consumers can search, review, and apply online for instant results on the lowest interest rates available. All of the credit card offers are linked to a secure website for an online application provided by the card issuer to help instantly apply for credit cards of the consumers' choice. All this can be done from the comfort of your home.

Company’s CEO, Tony Underhill said, "With the total debt on credit cards at $2.46 trillion in June 2007 (1) consumers need a lower interest rate to consolidate or when choosing a new credit card." He further added, "This is the simplest, stress free way to provide consumers with an answer right in the comfort of their home."

Obtaining online approval is not difficult to do with the simple online applications available within just a few minutes. comes with online tools with a mortgage calculator and tips to help navigate the credit card process.

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