Friday, November 7, 2008

Which one you like to shop- Ipod or Mp3 player?

Today if you have dollars to spend nobody could stop you from reaching to the luxury world. Apple's iPod line-up is comparatively simple compared to what other companies offer. But it still makes sense to see what each particular model can offer so you can make a well-informed decision.

The iPod Shuffle is the smallest iPod available. It forgoes the display and it's small enough to clip onto a shirt. If all you want to do is listen to music and you don't care about what particular song is playing, then this is the iPod for you.

You can get one in either 1GB or 2GB storage capacities. Each model can hold 240 or 500 songs respectively. Randomness is a key factor in all of this. If you like small form factors and a certain degree of uncertainty in the songs that play, then the Shuffle will suit you fine.

The iPod Nano melds a small form factor with the power of a full-featured media player. Even with its small size, you get a nice high-pixel wide screen display that can display pictures and video. MP3 players are the ultimate device for portable audio and seem to be one of the must-haves today. As the market offers numerous different models and makes it is difficult to make a purchase decision especially if it is your first MP3 players ever.

On first sight an Apple iPod seems to be the most obvious choice. But it's worth risking a second look at other portable audio products to determine whether they might offer more for your individual needs. The most important selection criteria are surely the sound quality, storage capacity, size and the functionality of a portable MP3 player. Apple iPods come from 1GB up to 160 GB and are still remarkably small. However, other manufacturers like Sony and Samsung have in their product range MP3 players with up to 30GB storage which is enough to store an entire music library on one single device. This storage capacity is recommended when playing videos or for those music enthusiasts who could not select a limited playlist from there library but need to have all their music on the go.

Simple MP3 players with less storage like the ipod shuffle are affordable, stylish and small enough to be carried with you at all time. Nevertheless, you might regret the choice soon when you get used to the comfort of having your favourite music at your disposal at any time.

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