Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Barclays Bank offer 10% cash back offer on debit cards

Barclays bank is offering 10% cash back to all its debit card customers. According to bank sources the offer is valid on all purchase transactions made in the country using a Barclays debit card from July 1 to September 30.

According to bank statement customers will receive a total cash back amount of up to Rs 500 per month, which will be credited to the customer’s account in the first week of the next month.

During the campaign period if a customer does a minimum of three purchases (minimum Rs 500 each) per month then he can avail this facility.

The statement specified the offer is not applicable on the ATM and outside-the-country transactions on the debit card.

As per statement new customers who open accounts during the promotional period will also be eligible for cash back offer if they make at least three transactions per month, each with a value of Rs 500 or more.

The scheme is available for all the customers using Barclays Classic Debit Card, Barclays Premium Debit Card or Barclays Gold Business Card.

Barclays is providing services in retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services. Bank has made its presence in Europe, US, Africa and Asia with operations in over 50 countries.

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